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Shandong yasjia Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in December 2017 and is located in Liaocheng, a beautiful ancient capital.
Since the reform and opening up, the government has encouraged overseas experts, overseas Chinese, compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to support China's national construction and bring back the new technology and new ideas, while Shandong Asia Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. has taken an active part in China's "2025 China made" and "along the way" vision of leading the global position, which has accumulated over 30 years in Taiwan, and processed military products, auto parts and high-end machine tools. Major parts and other heat treatment professional processes and Japan's ODM customized construction machinery consumables and other substantive experience, including research and development of innovative technology, the introduction and inheritance of management system, and integration of the characteristics of today's materials to carry forward.
With the progress of the times, the continuous development of the society and the brilliance of China, it is imperative.
In the context of the new era, entrepreneurship, platform building and profit sharing are not only the needs of the big market, but also the cradle of leading people with dreams to realize their dreams together.
After its establishment in Shandong Province, Shandong Asjia Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. has focused more on the design and development of high-quality engineering consumables, serving the vast number of users with enthusiasm, adhering to social responsibility, and creating value close to the market.
Looking forward to the future, Shandong Asjia Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. will invest in R&D carefully for the project construction, and plan a more environmentally friendly and energy-saving green road for consumables.
To achieve the business philosophy of "innovation, excellence, quality, dedication, symbiosis and co-prosperity". Seek truth from facts, establish a platform to achieve win-win life with customers and dreamers.


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